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Kiss the chrome

Can't sleep. blah.

Anyway, a few good things:

For those who care, my G5 is happily back in it's natural habitat. Observe:
my desk is cooler than yours.

Got some work done with travisz this weekend. Mostly just maintenance, but still good shit, as now we're getting closer to really producing something. Got to chill with laerm at his new place, which is also nice, although overly warm.

Micah loaned me this exhaustive 2 disc reissue of New Order side project Revenge's complete body of work. those of you who know me know that they were one of those bands that no-one but me ever obsessed over, but I was crazy about 'em. Besides the album and both EPs, it has some demos, remixes, b-sides, and some newly completed versions of unfinished revenge songs. Amazing stuff, particularly thr 2 new tracks. If you like New Order or it's derivatives at all, I highly recommend picking this up. The same label's re-released a lot of older Factory bands, including the excellent Section 25, so support good music by buying 'em.

New laptop by the end of the month is my goal... naturally, I'm vacillating between the incredible value of the 12" G4 iBook and the sexy sleekness of a refurbished 12" G4 Powerbook. Who will win? I have no fucking clue, especially considering I'm expecting new Powerbook announcements at MacWorld this week. Someone help me decide!

mekh and I are going for all-you-can-eat sushi in my neighborhood Friday night. Who else is down? (I'm looking at you guys, theunveiling and kingmob23.)

Ok, I should try to get to sleep.
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