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Want more need less

And in one fell swoop, the last plug is pulled on one of the most achingly beautiful styles of music of the last 20 years.  Throughout the late 80's and the early to mid 90's, the British music scene put the U.S. scene to shame, pouring out great shimmering washes of sound from groups like Curve, Lush, The Verve, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, and others...  it never really took off here, but regardless of what you call it, the shoegazer scene, dream pop, or whatever was some of the most exciting and challenging music of it's time... and now the only band from that scene left is the Verve, who left that style behind a long long time ago.  MBV disintegrated under the weight of expectations, Ride burned out and Lush faded away.  I always thought Curve woulds remain, but 15 years of banging your head against the glass ceiling of American guitar rock will wear anyone out.  It's a shame, too, because I thought their last album 'Gift' was some of their strongest work ever, and it bothers me that Garbage have ridden all the way to the top on a sound the Curve created.

We can be nostalgic for the most dire crap, someone tell me why no-one's nostalgic for this?

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