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a few quick things

this is a very, very early, unmastered raw version of one of the new hexane tracks I've been working on in the couple of weeks since I got Reason 3.0 and Komplete 2. Keep in mind, it's not mixed or mastered, so it won't sound like crap when it's done.

Hexane- Burnt (demo v1)

It's only the first 2 minutes or so, 'cause I don't know where I'm going with it yet. Any feedback or suggestions would be nice.

Fugazi is on the iTunes music store! This pleases me to no end. I like seeing independent music represented on the iTMS, and Fugazi's work in seminal. You could do a lot worse than dropping your Pepsi bottlecaps on these songs:



Returning The Screw

Smallpox Champion


Long Division

I'm not putting Waiting Room up here. Everybody knows that song.

Ok, you have your homework. Get to work.

There were 2 NIN songs from the new CD up last week, but I don't see 'em now. Shame, as I like them a bit more than the single that IS up.
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