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ok, 2 more before bedtime.

music meme ganked from ms. 101486:

1. Favorite Beatles song: Dear Prudence
2. Favorite Rolling Stones song: Sympathy For The Devil
3. Favorite Doors song: The End
4. Favorite Bob Dylan song: Quinn the Eskimo
5. Favorite Pixies song: Velouria
6. TV Theme Song: V (miniseries count, no?)
7. Favorite Prince Song: I Would Die 4 U
8. Favorite Madonna Song: Sky Fits Heaven
9. Favorite Michael Jackson Song: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
10. Favorite Metallica Song: The Thing That Should Not Be
11. Favorite Motorhead Song: No thanks. 1916
12. Favorite Ozzy Song: see here
13. Favorite Public Enemy Song: She Watch Channel Zero
14. Favorite Song from a cartoon: That one in the Transformers movie where the Decepticons bust into the Autobot shuttle and start kicking ass.
15. Favorite Faith No More song: Stripsearch
16. Favorite Depeche Mode song: Halo
17. Favorite Cure song: Inbetween Days (you should hear me do this one at Karaeoke)
18. Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: Wire- Eastern Standard
19. Favorite Smiths song: either There Is A Light That Never Goes Out or Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
20. Favorite Beastie Boys song: Stand Together
21. Favorite Korn song: probably their version of Another Brick In The Wall
22. Favorite Police song: either Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic or When The World Is Running Down
23. Favorite Sex Pistols song: meh. PiL was better. If I had to pick? Frigging In The Rigging
24. Favorite Beach Boys song: Either God Only Knows or Good Vibrations (though the Psychic TV version's better.)
25. Favorite Def Leppard song: meh. Autograph?
26. Favorite song from your favorite movie: the Imperial March?
27. Favorite Duran Duran song: Rio
28. Favorite Blondie song: Fard Away and Radiate
29. Favorite Garth Brooks song: huh?
30. Favorite song from an 80's one hit wonder: Kajagoogo- Too Shy
31. Favorite song from a videogame: Ozar Midrashim by Information Society (from The Legacy of Kain)
32. Favorite Kinks song: Superman
33. Genesis song: Mama
34. Favorite Led Zeppelin song: Kashmir
35. Favorite INXS song: The One Thing
36. Favorite Weird Al song: Dare To Be Stupid
37. Favorite Pulp song: Sorted for E's and wizz
38. Favorite John Lennon song: Working class Hero
39. Favorite Pink Floyd song: Another Brick In The Wall Part ONE
40. Favorite cover song: Soft Cell- Tainted Love
41. Favorite White Stripes song: meh
42. Favorite dance song: uuhhhh.. Underworld- Cowgirl
43. Favorite U2 song: Salome (Zooromancer mix)
44. Favorite song from an actor turned musician: Eddie Murphy-Party All The Time ("I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH!!!!!!")
45. Favorite disco song: Meco-Star Wars. Ok, seriously? probably Good Times by Chic
46. Favorite Motley Crue song: fuck you.
47. Favorite Guns N' Roses song: no, really, fuck you.
48. Favorite The Who song: Baba O'Riley
49. Favorite Elton John song: Don't Let Your Son Go Down on Me? (Wait. that's Michael Jackson.)
50. Favorite song, period: lately? Transfer, by haujobb.

this one is from laerm and replicantgrrl:

1. Bold the ones you've also seen and reply to this
2. Take the ones from my list that you've also seen and post them in your LJ
3. Add more until you get to 20!!

2. Haujobb/Clear Vision 
3. U2
4. Nine Inch Nails
5. Tool
6. The Sisters of Mercy
7. Covenant
8. Beastie Boys
9. Negative Format
10. Peter Murphy
11. Alan Parsons Project
12. And One
13. Ministry
14. Primus
15. Wire
16. Foetus
17. Front 242
18. Better Than Ezra
19. Cyber Tec
20. The Human League
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