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viva las vegas

For those of you who didn't already know, I'm taking a last minute 3-day weekend trip to sunny Arizona to visit squidprincess. Of course, nothing in my life ever goes smoothly...

Last night I arrived at JFK on time, made record time through check-in, and then.... waited. And waited. The plane finally arrived at the time we were supposed to be taking off, and of course it needed to discharge it's passengers and be cleaned. Once we were on board and sealed in tight... they discovered that one of the hatches was not locking down properly, and had to call maintenance crews in. This took another 30 minutes... finally, they stuck us at the back of the takeoff queue, so our 8:15 flight took off at 9:30.

On arriving in Las Vegas to make my connecting flight to Phoenix (local time 12:00 midnight, Eastern time, 3:00am) I discovered that it had just taken off as we were taxiing in. and it was the last flight out. FUCK. I waited on a line at customer service for 15 minutes, and then was directed to ticketing. At ticketing, they gave me a ticket for the flight I'm about to board (12:55 to Phoenix) hotel, food and transit vouchers, and told me what hotel to go to. When I called the hotel to confirm, it the concierge told me that they were all booked up. FUCK!!!. Back to ticketing I went (and it's a good thing I went as fast as I did, as they were just closing up.) The really pretty girl at the desk gave me a new hotel reservation, and apologized profusely. This was about 1am local time (4am for you folks back home.)

To be continued...
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