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By the time I get to Arizona

When we last we left our intrepid hero, he was standing in Las Vegas McCarren airport, vouchers in hand at 1am on a thursday night, wondering what the hell was going on.

A quick cab ride to my hotel (an Emerald Suites, I believe) and I was sorted. My hotel room was a nice little suite with 2 bedrooms; hell, it's probably nicer than my next apartment is going to be! Across the street was The Orleans Casino. I went in, and experienced the true Las Vegas gambling experience. My cabbie told me that The Orleans is a real locals-only type of casino, so it wasn't all full of crappy tourists.

I got to get a sense of that whole Ocean's 11 high-rollers thing, although the occasional morbidly obese housewife in flip-flops chainsmoking at the slot machines kind of did that particular illusion in at times. I played the slots, won $20, and headed back to my room.

In the morning, I went to the casino's incredible breakfast buffet (prime rib for BREAKFAST??!) Then I headed back to McCarren, where I wrote that last post. (Incidentally, McCarren is the most civilized airport I've been to. It has FREE WIRELESS throughout the airport, as well as slot machines and frozen yogurt stands!)

After making it in to Phoenix, squidprincess and I finally got to drive up the mountains to Flagstaff. What a cool town! I've been in the past, and once again, I had a lot of fun. We went to Gopher Sounds (I bought the latest Hexstatic CD+DVD, which is brilliant, and a Thee Majesty cd, which is... odd,) visited Lowell Observatory, saw the Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy movie, and just hung out. I also had some of the best sushi i've ever had.

I took the redeye home to JFK, got 2 hours of sleep and headed off to work on monday. I had a lot of fun!

today was my brother's Confirmation. I got him an iPod mini, which he seems to really enjoy. He also got Doom 3 for XBox, so expect me to be busy. Fun!

off to bed, kiddies!
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