chris boring (doktor242) wrote,
chris boring

Get equipped with...

Well, I took my medicine, and I have to say it's helping! I have about 2 dollars to my name, but I'm not wracked with coughs for the moment.

Last weekend, before I caught the plague, i picked up Mega Man Anniversary Collection for XBox. First person shooters are actually starting to be decent (I used to universally loathe them,) but my first gaming love is the 2-D platformer, a wonderful but dying breed. (I think 2-D's also less likely to make me dizzy.) This disk has the 6 original classic MM games for the NES, the Japan only SNES game Mega Man 7, the Playstation game Mega Man 8, and 2 arcade games from Japan. All this for $20. So if you're tired of being cheaped with the energy sword in Halo 2, take a step back 15 years or so and enjoy. I know I will.
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