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his atoms were excited, and they glowed in the dark

This kid is freakin' amazing. Check out his moves (3.3mb Windows Media video).

Speaking of things that are awesome, I went to the MoCCA Art Festival today, and it was freakin' AWESOME.

I ran into le_futurisme and insolenthalo in the trains tation, so we got some Subway and went in. There we met kingmob23 and Sara and checked out this amazing festival. It was sensory overload!!! There were so many great creators there I didn't know where to start. I didn't have a lot of cash, so I made a bee-line to qcjeph's table. He does the awesome comic Questionable Content. I picked up an awesome poster, and Jeph did an awesome sketch of Faye, which I'll scan one of these days. Jeph encouraged me to start a webcomic when I mentioned I was interested in doing that. I'm excited at the prospect... you may see something cool here really soon.

I also met the supercool Rich Stevens of DieselSweeties fame. I bought his bookand he did a nifty personalized Red Robot drawing in it!!!!!

I also bought some Dinosaur Comics stickers. Patrick is not a comics person, so it impressed me that he picked up Atomika (which has a great Soviet Realist art style, but the website kind of sucks, I can't see a damn thing) and NYC Mech. Great books, and I'm glad Patrick can hang with us geeks and not freak.

Didn't get to see mom tonight, but I will soon. I miss her a lot. She's doing better, and is no longer in Intensive Care. Thanks again to those who sent good wishes.

So, andyone wanna hit the Big Apple Comic Con with me next weekend? I have to work on saturday, but maybe I'll go on sunday.
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