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(let's try this again...)

I know this is gonna piss off kingmob23 and cranky_coleman, but....

Fuck you Jeff Tweedy. Fuck you right in the ass.

"Honestly, I had a lot of trouble conjuring up a rose-hewn vision of our collective tomorrows. Instead I have focused my attention on music with the kind of sturdiness and self-sufficiency the post-apocalyptic lifestyle I’m anticipating might require. The kinds of artists making the kinds of music that won’t be interrupted or even miss a beat when the power goes out."

So a bunch of (I'd imagine) unappreciative futurists are going to have to st through a bunch of whingy folk musicians playing music that is the absolute antithesis of everything NEXTFEST is supposed to be about? I call bullshit.

You can love Wilco, hate 'em, or scream their name in bed, but that doesn't make them any more qualified ot talk about music of the future. The real musician of the future isn't some wanker with a guitar, it's the guy who buys a solar panel just to make sure his laptop will still run after the big energy crash. It's the guy who builds his own synths, and isn't reliant on big Japaneses multinationals for gear. It's the artists like deathboy, who already know that conventional rules about music are dying faster then lemmings. It's people who aren't afraid of new sounds and structures.

The future is already here, Jeff Tweedy. and it's already left you behind.

NOTE: I'm not making any judgments on the quality of this man's music; he is clearly quite gifted. However, to call his relentlessly backwards-looking style of music the future... well it boggles the mind. (I expected better of Wired; they should have gotten Quantazelle to curate this.)
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