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Omnipotent Master Keyboard

OK, so elektrovst's band has an endorsement deal with these really cool Chinese- made MIDI controllers... very nice, very sturdy, well built pieces. Buuuuut.... if you read the manual, or the promotional materials, you can tell they didn't budget for professional translators. Check it out:

Some excerpts from the manual:

"10. Do not insert anything in the instrument, which may cause fire or elec-
trical shock. Do not splash any kind of liquid to the instrument. "

"3.Before cleaning the instrument, always remove the electric plug from
the outlet as well as the USB cable. When cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth. Do
not use gasoline, alcohol, acetone, turps or any other organic solution; do
not use liquid cleaner or spray cleaner, or too wet cloth.
4. Do not use the instrument near water or moisture, such as bathtub,
washbasin, or washing poor in the kitchen, or similar places. "

"6. Do not jam sinks or holes of the instrument; those sinks of holes are
used for air circulation to prevent the instrument from overheating. Do not
place the instrument near heat sink or any places with poor air circulation. "

"13. Unplug all the connectors and take the instrument to qualified service
center if anything in the below list happens:
A. The power cord or connector get hurt or worn out.
B. Any liquid get in the instrument.
C. The instrument gets rain or water splash.
D. The instrument dose not work properly after following all the in-
structions regarding to troubleshooting.
E. The instrument falls down or gets broken.
F. The instrument functions poorly.
14. Do not use the instrument when thundering; otherwise the thundering
may cause long-distance electrical shock. "

"Do not set up the cord or outlet to moisture place, except for that the outlet
is specially designed for moisture.
When the power cord is connected to the AC outlet, do not touch the naked
part of cord or connector. "
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