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Animal rights

Something I got from an email forward I got from my mom; it's not on snopes, so I'm assuming it's true:

If you support PETA, you're not really helping animals.

"According to PETA's own filings, in 2004 PETA *killed* 86.3 percent of the animals entrusted to its care -- a number that's rising, not falling. Meanwhile, the SPCA in PETA's home town (Norfolk, Va.) was able to find loving homes for 73 percent of the animals put in its care. A shortage of funds? Nope: last year PETA took in $29 million in tax-exempt donations. It simply has other prioritie for the funds..."

(make with the clicky)

If you really care about animals, donate to the ASPCA, Humane Society or the North Shore Animal League instead.
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