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In case you didn't feel like showing up

Last night, I ventured to the wilds of downtown Brooklyn to party it up with my good friend Donna for her 30th Birthday! 

A fun time and tasty Cuban food was had by all...

The yummy and beautfully presented pork dish I had.  Holy crap, it was tasty AND beautiful.

Andrew is getting his sangria on.

After dinner, we went to a nifty bar for a drink.

The birthday girl.  I bet you're jealous that I used to go out with her.  :P

Sara enjoys some Mojito-y goodness.

Diana and Donna strike a pose.

Sara rules!  (not pictured: kingmob23 ruling as well. 

Sara and Diana looking adorable.

I know some hotties.

Andrew is the cool guy.

How much is that Andrew in the window?">

Man, it was cool.

Oh, and my neighbor gave me a 21 inch monitor, so i'm rocking the dual monitors.  Oh shit, it's hotness!

(I know, the picture's not clear, but still...)

Tonight I get to see structure_d!  YAY!!!!!
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