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on laziness and webcomics

I got lazy today... I was going to go to the city, grab some lunch and see if digitalgeist wanted to go to guitar center with me, but I wound up sleeping till almost two. Blah. Alex, wanna grab dinner and a drink one night this week? I still have yet to meet Marta! Also, ataribrad, what days are you working this week?

I passed out last night around 2:30 with a half-finished LJ entry on my screen and a file going up to the FTP; guess I must have posted the LJ entry to the wrong journal when I got up to pee in the middle of the night. Blah.

Still getting the hang of the drawing tablet, and trying to find a style for the webcomic that i'm wlling to show the world. It's coming though, I promise.

Speaking of webcomics, as today is a lazy day, I'm reading a bunch of 'em. Today, I read all of Hate Song, which is really funny in a white trash sort of way. There's not that many strips, since it's a weekly, so you can probably get through them all in 25 minutes.

I'm also reading all the way through Wapsi Square, which is considerably longer, but totally worth it. It's got a great enseble cast, and a really uniquely cartoony art style that I'm growing quite enamored of. My only complaint is that there's no RSS feed of either strip, which makes my life a bit more difficult, but whatever.... totally worth it.
Tags: lazy, webcomics
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