chris boring (doktor242) wrote,
chris boring

Getting a head

So I bought the Simpsons season 6 box set last night.  Holy shit, this season and the next season are the best ever.  If you want to hear where all the best Simpsons quotes come from, pick this bad boy up.  Last night I watched "Bart of Darkness" ('yOUR EPIDERMIS IS SHOWING!') , "Lisa's Rival" (I have a ball.  perhaps you'd like to bounce it?'), "Treehouse of Horror V" ('Use your shinning!') and "Lemon of Troy" (They're always eating candy in Shelbyville.  They love the sweet taste.')

They changed the packaging, though, and I'm not really wild about it.  The big Homer head is cool, but it seems sort of flimsy.  You can order a replacement box in the old style for $3, so that's good.
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