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* this is my new favorite blog for this week. This chick is really, really funny.

* this guy is pretty funny too.

So i made a DJ mix last night before heading off to Contempt. It operates on the theory that the problem with current industrial music is that it's too damn fast. There was a time when a good industrial stomper was 110bpm, and the occasional 150bpm speed track by FLA or XMTP was a real treat. Now it seems like you never hear anything under 140. That bites.

So here is the antidote for the too fast EBM blues:

DJ DoktorBoring's Listen Carefully mix (102mb mp3, 74 minutes)

Tracklist upon request, of course.

This mix went to djmaniak and Brian who now books DJs for Contempt last night, hopefully some bookings will come of this.

alice_unbound's first contempt was a big success! She had a great time, as did her friends (although piacere and anthony had to jet early.) Lots of cool people showed up- Yanick's roommate Sarah, travisz, replicantgrrl, djmaniak, ladysoleil, Rick, Prusik, Pete from the rants list, and even a surprise appearance from melissa611!

It was a fun night, and you should have been there! I got to get my stomp on to haujobb, which is always best.

Now, to throw some meat on the grill!!!
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