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There are no fair fights

So I'm still in the process of moving (shockingly, I'm moving along pretty well. That having been said, if you have shoe boxes or cigar boxes, give 'em here!)

In the process of going through my stacks of shit, I discovered an old favorite cd... any of you all remember Prick? Man, there were a few great tracks on that album.

Here's one for your listening pleasure. The 3 of you who were around for my radio show on WKRB should remember this one:

Prick- Other People.

Man, that's the sound of 1995. I've found a bunch of other nostalgia around here, so don't be surprised to see more odd posts over the next week.

Oh, and amidst all this talk of the past, let me just say how great the present is. Yanick is amazing, my friends are amazing, my family is amazing, and life is altogether grand. Word.
Tags: moving, music
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