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When The Levee Breaks

My heart naturally goes out to all those affected by the hurricane. I hope everyone who's reading this knows that their families and friends are alive, safe and sound right now.

A word of advice... if you don't have one already, make up a Go Bag. Keep it near your front door in case of flood, tornado, hurricane, terrorist attack, apocalypse, zombie attack or alien invasion. I'm making one up this week.

One thing I'd add to that bag? Take the time, right now, to burn a CD or DVD of all your snapshots; it only weighs a few ounces and takes up very little space. Even if you lose everything else, at least your most treasured memories will be there. When things happen this fast, sometimes even stopping to grab your laptop is too slow.

In other, less depressing news, the move is progressing well; I should be all moved in by saturday night. Just a few more boxes and bags to pack. BTW, If anyone would like to drive me to Ikea early saturday morning, I'd be eternally grateful! I need a coffee table and an entertainment center like whoa! (The couch can wait, for now.)

Also, if you or anyone you know is giving away a couch, sofa, or futon, let me know, I'm in desperate need of one.
Tags: hurricane, katrina, survival
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