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DJ mix

Here I present last night's DJ mix of doom. I like doing these, and I think it keeps my DJ skills sharp. Here's over 2 hours of awesome electronic music for you. :)

DJ DoktorBoring's Long Distance Mix (94.8mb, 2:11:31)

Track Artist Title
1 on!air!library Spaghetti Western Superstar
2 Cannibal Ox Iron Galaxy
3 Tricky Overcome
4 Hexstatic Perfect Bird
5 Lo Fidelity Allstars Battle Flag
6 Cibo Matto Know Your Chicken
7 U2 Mysterious Ways (Massive Attack Mix)
8 Bit Shifter Parallax Barrier
9 Speedy J De-Orbit
10 Haujobb Pulsar (Remix)
11 Lassigue Bendthaus Ashes To Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)
12 Kraftwerk The Telephone Call
13 Miss Kitten & The Hacker Frank Sinatra
14 Unknown Artist Underwear
15 Anthony Rother Red Light District
16 Din Travesty
17 Nitzer Ebb Control I'm Here (Hardcore mix)
18 Front 242 Rhythm Of Time (Victor The Cleaner mix)
19 P.A.L. Gelobnis (Terrofakt mix)
20 Covenant Go Film (Hard Version 2)
21 Haujobb Distance
22 Skinny Puppy Pro-Test
23 The Faint Paranoiattack
24 Tinstar Angel Of The North
25 Die Warzau As We Are So We Are
26 Underworld Juanita
27 Killing Joke Love Like Blood (Deedrah mix)
28 Killing Joke Pandemonium (Dragonfly mix)
29 Messiah/Simple Minds Thunderdome (Dr. Trance mix)/Belfast Trance
30 Seal I'm Alive (BT and Sasha mix)

So this morning, for no particular reason, I woke up wanting to hear some Type O Negative. How odd! Maybe it's a fall thing.
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