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Smug Mac users of the world, unite!

So there's been a lot of talk about Microsoft's big demonstrations at the recent Professional Developer's Conference.

First of all, Bill showed off the interface for Windows Longhorn Vista. Wanna see? Hold onto your lunch, it's bad. How bad?

Hey, look on the right... those sure look like Apple Widgets to me... oh wait, they're Microsoft GADGETS. I guess that's ok then.

Look at this Save Dialogue!! Look at it in horror!! It's a UI nightmare. It's fucking hideous and retarded!!!


Sweet merciful Jesus, does that ever suck!!!! I swear, Windows users say the Mac looks cartoony, and then M$ delivers this steaming pile of god-only-knows-what. If this is eyecandy, it must be the sugar-free kind. Oh, and to top it all off? You need 64mb of video memory to run that garbage. OS X 10.3 looks the same on my mom's Powerbook with 8mb as it did on my G5 with 128mb.

And what of Office, you ask? Don't ask, 'cause it fucking bites.

So what's missing from these pictures? The fucking MENU BAR. How the hell is anyone going to find anything? I teach people to use computers EVERY DAY. They RELY on that menu bar. FUCK. They will unlearn YEARS of stuff. This is like biting into a candy bar and finding it's full of maggots.

So yeah, the Mac OS X ripoffs continue.

Anyway, i'm going ot leave you with a little reminded of the true nature of Bill Gates:

look here.
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