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LJ Interests meme results

  1. boards of canada:
    if you don't know this, I should hurt you. beautiful, sad sounds. the music of dust motes drifting through a shaft of lazy saturday afternoon sunlight in a wood-paneled living room in 1979.
  2. covenant:
    The in sound from the frozen north. even their crappier new albums have a track or two that chill the blood. Feedback is still the most perfect crunchy noise love song ever written.
  3. dubok:
    The best thing to come from Ohio since the Etch-A-Sketch. Melodic synthpop, intelligent lyrics, slammin' EBM, the boys bring it all. travisz and I remixed the fuck out of one of their tracks.
  4. geek:
    *points at self.*
  5. laibach:
    Is it high theater? Is it a political movement? Is it low comedy? does it make the kitties stomp? Then it must be Laibach!
  6. mnemonic:
    There are many bands out there who profess to be havily influenced by haujobb. These guys are the only ones who show it that I don't know personally. If you don't have 'Konstruktive Vergangenheitsbeweltigung', go buy it now.
  7. nintendo:
    Everyone has the syystem that was current when they fell in love with gaming, irrevocably. I had already had Pong and Atari 2600 it was in the Nintendo and Super Nintendo period that I truly became a gamer. I still think of this as the golden era of video games, and would trade a thousand 3d FPS games for a few hours with Super Mario 2.
  8. pr0n:
    There are two kinds of people: people who masturbate, and people who lie about masturbating.
  9. sleeping:
    I don't do nearly enough of this.
  10. underworld:
    If you want to know what the sound of several weeks worth of serotnin being flushed into your brain all in a few minutes is, put on "Everything, Everything'" and listen on headphones.

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