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The good, the bad and the spam

Today's best spam:

From: some spammer
Subject: [Auto-Reply] I got harder and last longer.
Date: September 20, 2005 10:39:14 PM EDT

Damn my brother

You'll never guess what happened to me last Sunday.

Basically found farmacy site with the cheapestcosts.

Since then 4 times in one day? yes its true

you should experince that good stuff, the final word from the experts.

So apparently, my LaCie D2 drive bit it. Actually, I'm pretty sure the drive is ok, but the Oxford 911 chipset shit the bed. So it's time to purchase a new drive case. i'm thinking going for FireWire 800 this time. (Unless any of you have an empty Lacie D2 case you're not using? :P)

Other than that, my life's pretty damn good.
Tags: humor, spam, update
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