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In a completely surreal combination of friends and family, I got a spam email from one "Micah Buckley" today. How odd.

As promised in last night's post, here's the tracklist of the mix I posted last night. Enjoy.

DJ doktorboring's Eclectronica mix:

Ayria- My Revenge on the World
Fixmer McCarthy- Through A Screen
Sasha Dith- Russian Girls
Laibach- Tanz Mit Laibach
Combichrist- This Is My Rifle
Haujobb- Renegades Of Noize
Rational Youth- Close To Nature (DIN mix)
Front 242- Work 242 (N.Off Is N.Off)
Goldfrapp- Train
KMFDM- Go To Hell (Fuck MTV Mix)
The Time Lords- Doctorin' The Tradis
Curve- On The Wheel
Public Image Limited- Don't Ask Me
Big Audio Dynamite- E=MC²
Pop Will Eat Itself- Can U Dig It?
Coldplay- Clocks (remix)
Nine Inch Nails- Ruiner (version)
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