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i paid $2 for THAT?!!

Someone needs to explain to me why the MTA must work on the W/N and the R train on the same weekend. Getting to Travis', I had to take the Q to 42nd street, then walk the long tunnel to the 7, take the 7 to Queensboro Plaza and take the W. Going home from melissa611's tonight, i had to take the E train to 42nd street, walk down that longass tunnel (sweating my ass off), and grab the 2 train. It fucking sucks. If ONE of the Astoria trains worked, I could have shave 40 minutes off that time, and not have been a giant ball of fucking sweat when I came in. I call shenanigans!

Besides that, when I got home, I saw there had been a voltage spike, and my alarm clock needed to be reset. now, my alarm clock dates back to the Reagan administration, but anyone who has ever slept in my old apartment can tell you, it is loud enough to wake the dead AND the undead. However, it is one of those annoying ones that is a pain to set because it only has a slow forward button and a fast forward button; no reverse. And recently, the fast forward button broke, and the slow forward button is on it's way out too, so you have to mash your finger down on it really hard. Why am I telling you all this? So you won't ask me why when I bitch about having just spend half an hour setting my alarm clock for work tomorrow. If anyone feels the urge to buy me a present, get me an alarm clock. Digital, and extermely fucking loud preferred. ;)

I'm working an extra day tomorrow, but not at my usual branch, so don't call my job looking for me.

Bedtime is imminant. gnight all!
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