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fish tales

went to DMV with melissa611. She was an angel ,and waited 3 hours while i got my permit.

After that, we went to the aquarium, and scoped out the denizens of the deep. There was a cool exhibit on jellyfish, anemones and coral. The sharks were imposing, as always, and the stingrays kicked ass. (they're my favorite.)

After leaving Coney Island, headed to kingmob23's new digs in Cobble Hill. It is a sweet place, made all the sweeter by the fact that he shares it with his girlfriend Sara, who's been my friend for something like a decade now. We went out for Cajun food, and I got rip roaring drunk. So I'm gonna drag my drunk (and meticulously spellchecked ass to bed.

tommorow: Negative Format and God Module at Batcave. Be there, or be a rectangular solid.
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