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it will be mine. oh yes, it will be mine.

'I can feel it coming
i know it's on it's way
when it starts to overflow
and the way you're talking
is telling me it's here
but when it starts to overflow
I will lie again
do you feel it flowing?
do you feel it's here?
anywhere I'm going
it's near'
_ -haujobb-overflow

Aug 1, 2003  10:44 pm Departed FedEx sort facility  WOODBRIDGE, NJ 

Yes, my pretty.... come to meeeeee.....

Had a pretty good couple of days, got the answer to something that's been bugging me for a bit yesterday.

Today, I had a shit day at work. Just because you're old doesn't give you the right ot speak to me like i'm garbage. I really hate (most) old men. *grumble*

The first of the month sucks ass, I can't wait until tuesday when things settle down a bit.

Spent a nice evening with melissa611. It seems like some of the tensions have subsided, I hope that trend continues.

Tomorrow it's drinks for Donna's birthday, and making the acquaintance of my new PowerBook. A good day.

Don't forget to come out sunday to support elektrovst! Interface is opening for The Human League!

Ok, sleepy. Bedtime.
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