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What a beautiful movie this day would make...

[updating at work on my lunch break]

Been an alright few days...

Sunday I was working on a track with Travis and Micah, and it's coming along really nice. Afterwards, headed over to melissa611's place, had a lovely chill time. She a very relaxing person to have around.

Monday, I was in low key mode, just kinda stayed in the house and worked on tracks. Had a nice long chat with squidprincess.

Tuesday I thought I was supposed to work, but when I showed up, i found out I had switched days and forgotten about it. So i went home, worked on a new track. meatbtmanifesto came over, and we chilled for a bit.

Tonight, i'm going to try and pick up Lorraine's drum machine, and after that, I'm off to see Melissa again.

It's a crazy week for me, i hope I'm not too tired by this weekend... Male Or Female's playing at the Batcave.

[And i was just asked to switch days again. What a rollercoaster. I now, however, have a rare saturday off in a week and a half. Lovely :) ]

In other news, this is the greatest thing I've heard in ages. Kazaa is suing the RIAA. It's about time.

[ok, it's 2.20 am, and i'm home from Melissa's. A fun night.]
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