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objects in brain are larger than they appear

Something I wrote on OS X Audio tonight. I'm rather happy with it, so I'm sharing.

casino versus japan said:

something about 'intelligence' and 'live' that go hand in hand with dance music...
again, music is made for feeling, not for filing...

I agree with you on the second quote, but not the first. It doesn't matter to me if it's played live in front of my face, meticulously crafted in the studio, or even algorithmically generated with no human interaction at all after the first parameters are set... good music is good music.

A lot of people see electronic music as cold and soulless, but what I see as cold and soulless is the static pattern that most genres fall into after a while. Rock was something new, but now, other than a few intriguing exceptions (Radiohead for example,) rock is just regurgitating it's own cliches. If you don't believe me, flick on a popular commercial rock station, and tell me when you hear something innovative. It may take you a few weeks. ;)

I don't think electronic music is immune from this effect. (A lot of electronic subgenres have fallen in on themselves in recent years... the last really NEW industrial album is 4 years old, and most industrial kids hated it. Trance has become a parody of itself. There are exceptions, but they only serve you make the vast majority look worse.) However, I believe electronic music has an advantage here, simply because the sonic palette is greater; you are working with the raw building blocks of sound, and with enough processing, you can combine them into any sound you like; whereas even the craziest guitarist (say for example, Adrian Belew) can only get guitar noises out of his guitar. Granted that for a talented guitarist, that's still enough sounds for an entire body of unique work, but why limit yourself?

That's why I like IDM... I think more than any other genre, artists in this one understand how far you can take the manipulation of sound, better than anyone since Stockhausen. Just a few thoughts here.

And yes, IDM is a dumb name, but so is rock and roll. They both just happened to stick, you know? If I'm talking about Twerk, I don't want people to think I'm also talking about, say, Ferry Corsten. Humans think in terms of words, languages. We use words as symbols to describe objects, concepts, sounds, etc. Without having the word as a way of handling the concept, there's no way to communicate it to another human... no way to determine if you are discussing the same experience.
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