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another meme bites the dust

[stolen from lazarus_phantom]:

Your meme, should you choose to accept it, is to rank the following bands in order, from COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT to COULDN'T CARE LESS. To add value to this process, you must also add one band to the list, and remove one band from the list, before passing the meme on (including these instructions).

Front 242
David Bowie
The Pixies
Duran Duran
The Doors
The Beatles

It's funny how much pleasure nuking Fleetwood Mac just gave me. I bet you can guess who I added. I'll bet they won't last too long as this meme propagates itself. The temptation was to toss half the list and start over, but I'm following the rules.

Fun weekend, although low key. Got to hang with melissa611 on friday, kingmob23, Sara, Donna and pale_moon_villa on saturday. On sunday I met up with meatbtmanifesto to deliver her drum machine, and then briefly saw melissa611 again.

looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight, I'm sleepy. I worked at another branch this week, it was sooooo dull until 2pm when a ton of customers materialized out of nowhere. Still, I was home by 430, usually I haven't even left work by then. Good shit.

Thursday, my folks are picking up the computer I built from Travis, they're finally sick of how slow and crappy theirs is. This is a good thing™. Soon I'll be trying to share their broadband.
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