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"I suppose you'll like his new-fangled outstanding and Miraculous images and videos!"

Had a really nice weekend. it was incredibly relaxing to have a 4 day weekend, which I'm going to pay for tomorrow. i'm working a full monday, 8.45 till sometime after 7. This is going to blow.

Thursday night, Mel cam over for dinner, and my mom drove her back to Astoria, and we picked up my parent's new PC. It's the one I built for Travis... a mighty kickass machine, I might add. It's nice to see them finally running a reasonable machine. Next, I'm going to get them to network the whole house. :)

Friday was spent with the lovely and talented melissa611, just hanging around and doing our thing. Low key and relaxing, as a long weekend should be.

Saturday was fun day! Travis's birthday was saturday, so Ami set uo a surprise party! Much fun was had... corny jokes, Mac vs. PC discussions, Daniel Myer underwear and other shenanigans. Travis is the kind of guy who always peeks at christmas presents, so needless to say, the surprise party wasn't a total shock to him. But it was still much fun.

Mel and I ducked out early to head out to Detour. There we met up with thewretchedrein. kingmob23 was supposed to be there, but there were communication problems, and we didn't wind up meeting up. The musoc was aight... too much synthpop, not enough stompy shit. I swear the setlist never changes there! I got ot throw myself around ot Nizer Ebb though, that ruled. Julia's friends were scary, especially the illustrious GOATBOY!!! (one of julia's friends actually had on goat legs, and cloven hooves, and horns and pointy ears. It was.. ludicrous. Truly. Steve, you should have seen it.)

After a brief issue with Julia (sorry), we dashed for the train (almost missed it!). When we pulled into Woodside, we hopped in a cab with an asian man, who was very polite, and the slowest driver ever. (slower than donna even!) Sleep ensued.

Today was pretty cool, just a low key day with Mel. Went to Steinway for pants, then got some souvlaki. Had some sex and drugs, but no rock and roll. The sex and drugs were enough, believe me. ;)

Her mom made a turkey, it was really good. I watched the first half hour of Ghost World. I really need to rent that movie. After, I came home, and here I am. i really need to get to bed, as I'm working for 9 or 10 hours tomorrow. Call me at work if you have the number, it's probably going to be dead. For now, beddy bye time....
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